Strongwood logs are debarked and typically sawn into large rectangles called “cants,” then dried in the kiln.


Upon receiving an order, the fully dried cants are run through the mill to exacting tolerances following design specifications for each home. At the end of the mill run, the logs are bundled and wrapped in preparation for shipping.


Once on site, the placement and use of logs is dictated by a section of the construction plan called the “stack sheet.” This helps protect your logs onsite.


We use only the best logs in your dream home.


WhiteCedarWhite Cedar: Perfect for exterior  railings, white cedar is strong, durable,  and keeps looking good through years  of exposure.

DouglasFirDouglas Fir: Ideal for floor joists  and roof rafters, our Douglas fir logs  are hewn from giant evergreens.  Naturally able to support heavy loads,  they’re perfect to safely support your log home.

RedCedarRed Cedar: Preferred for exterior trim,  we use Red Cedar’s natural decay  prevention to preserve your log home’s  natural beauty.


A: In a word – taste. We build all three types of homes, and when designed and constructed properly, they all perform beautifully. Many companies build one type of home and make creative claims to steer clients away from the competition. We don’t believe in doing business that way.  We know from experience that all three construction methods work. We recommend that you choose the construction style that appeals to you and ignore the naysayers.