Strongwood provides the most complete log packages in the industry. From wall and roof systems comprised of log, timber frame or conventional framing, all the way through kitchen and bath finish items, we provide the type of quality, value and attention to detail that only an experienced custom home builder can provide.


That being said, we realize your home is unique and may require us to make modifications to the standard log or timber frame package. As your satisfaction is our highest priority, we are happy to discuss substitutions that meet your taste and budget, as well as our exacting quality standards.

Wood Home Kitchen


A: In most locations, we find that the cost of a turn-key log home or timber frame home costs about the same as a custom-built, conventional home built from quality materials. A log home or timber frame home will be more expensive than a tract home in a mass-produced subdivision, as you would expect when using higher-end natural materials over less expensive alternatives, such as vinyl siding.

For more detailed information regarding pricing, please contact us.

Log Home & Timber Frame Home Building Process

While each project is unique, our clients take several common steps to realize their log home or timber frame home dreams.

1. Decide upon property or a specific setting for the home.
2. Research and eventually choose a log home manufacturer.
3. Finalize a home plan with the manufacturer and obtain log or timber package pricing.
4. Obtain construction pricing from one or more builders and eventually choose one.
5. Order the log package or timber package approximately six to eight weeks before delivery; begin sitework and foundation.
6. Receive the log package or timber package and build the log or timber shell.
7. Upon shell completion, move inside and install mechanicals and  all interior fixtures and finishes.
8. Move in and begin enjoying the log home or timber frame home lifestyle.

Log Home Stairway

Timber Frame Roof Trusses

While many log home and timber home companies provide and help with some of the steps listed above, at Strongwood we believe in providing assistance with each and every step in the process.


The hallmark of timber frame construction is the use of a various exposed timber roof trusses for structural and/or dramatic effect.


Strongwood offers a wide variety of log and timber truss designs, crafted in virtually any size from eastern white pine, Douglas fir, cedar, or other species upon request.


Standard truss styles include scissor, king post with straight or curved struts, modified king post with straight or curved struts, queen post, and hammer beam with straight or curved struts.


Custom truss design inquiries are welcome; our Wisconsin-based design and fabrication team enjoys an artistic challenge.

Wooden Roof Trusses

Any of these timber trusses can be used in conjunction with any of our standard plans.

Engineered Assembly

Each custom home plan requires significant engineering details to ensure the building is structurally sound. From designing foundations to specifying the size of support posts, timbers and connectors, Strongwood’s design team sees to every detail.


In cases where the home is built by a third party, our Wisconsin-based construction manager will travel to your location for a few days to ensure that your project is started properly.

Custom Engineered Log Products

For consultation deeper into the project, our design department and construction manager are just a phone call away, offering support nationwide and globally.

The 4 Way Seal – Only From Strongwood

One of the most important features in any log or timber home is how the walls are sealed between each course of logs to prevent any air or water infiltration.


Strongwood has developed a proprietary 4-Way Seal to seal the log walls.

1. First, each log is milled with a single tongue and groove.
2. Upon installation, an asphalt-impregnated foam insulation strip is placed on top of the tongue.
3. Then we apply a bead of specialty caulking to each side of the tongue for the entire length of the log.
4. Repeat on every log.

Strongwood's 4-Way Seal

This 4-Way Seal not only provides fail-safe protection against the elements, it is also fully contained between the log courses and therefore not exposed to weather and potential failure/maintenance over time.

Energy Efficient Log Homes

Log walls are renowned for their energy-efficient characteristics. Simply put, there is nothing as warm and inviting as a well-constructed log home.


While the science can seem confusing, an important concept to understand is that, like a stone fireplace, log walls warm up when the house is heated and radiate that heat back into the building.  That way, the heat system doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the building warm. The same concept applies when a building is cooled in the summer, as the logs absorb the cool temperature and radiate it back into the building.

Energy Efficient Log Home

It is also important to note that with properly sized and sealed log walls, such as Strongwood’s 4-Way Seal, the majority of heat loss will occur in the roof and at window and door openings, so proper specification and installation is a must in these areas to ensure a well-insulated structure.

Strongwood’s Warranty

Due to our heritage as a custom homebuilder, we take pride in the quality, care and service that goes into each of our homes. Simply put, if it’s wrong, we come back and fix it.

What’s Covered: All log wall materials manufactured for Strongwood Log Home Company, when used in conjunction with a residential structure, are warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in manufacturing for the lifetime of the original purchaser.

Whether you’re in our home state of Wisconsin, nationwide, or one of our global customers, we guarantee it.

Custom Home Design Services

Strongwood offers custom log home design services and custom timber home design services to perfect your dream home. Our experienced in-house and affiliated designers welcome every opportunity to custom design part or all of a log home or timber frame home.


We encourage you to view our pictures and designs. If we pass your quality test, we welcome the opportunity to provide additional customized designs and photos, schedule a personal tour of homes, or simply discuss your plans in greater detail.

Custom Log Home Design

Whether you choose one of our stock designs, a modified stock design, or build a completely custom log home, timber frame home or hybrid home, your Strongwood representative can help jump-start the process by providing designs and pictures to review.


Once you choose a direction, our Wisconsin-based custom design team works with you to develop preliminary floor plans and elevations, makes requested revisions to meet style and budget considerations, and eventually develops a full set of construction drawings for your builder to follow.