Your bedroom is a place for you to retreat to after a long day, to rejuvenate as you take on life, and to refresh for what’s to come.  When this assortment of log home bedrooms leaves you longing for their character and comfort, be assured that a Strongwood representative is ready to guide you on your journey as you prepare to become a Strongwood log home owner…


Peace, tranquility, and style.

peaceful log home bedroom


Charming country character, complete with rustic log framed bed.

charming log home bedroom


Sleek and well designed space.

sleek log home bedroom


Plenty of room for comfortable company.

roomy log home bedroom


Cozy room with a serene view.

cozy log home bedroom


The perfect place to snuggle in and read a book or take an afternoon nap. Your choice.

comfortable log home bedroom


Planning Your Journey Home: The experience of planning and building your dream log home is important, exhilarating and at times, challenging.  Count on Strongwood to be there every step of the way along the path of designs and decisions, building and beautifying – until your Strongwood is everything you’ve always imagined it would be.  And more.  

Select Your Site: Where do you want to experience the grandeur of nature and take pleasure in your new Strongwood?  Nestled in the mountains, overlooking a lake or lost in the woods?  Your options are endless.  If you have questions about your building site or anything whatsoever, Strongwood is willing able and happy to assist with your new log home site.

Decide on Style: Whether it’s a cozy north-woods cabin, a spacious lakeside home or something in between that  is sized just right for you, Strongwood can bring the architectural style you’re dreaming of to reality.  We’ll help you decide on the details too.  Log Profile Options / Corners Options

Calculate Your Budget: You’re likely aware that the size, style and finishing details of your log home are all dependent on your budget.  But you can feel confident knowing that no matter how large or modest it is, our goal is to build you the finest quality home your money can buy.  That’s a promise.

Meet with Your Dream Team: With all of the designers, sales staff, dealers, and builders on hand and at your service, Strongwood is well equipped and would be honored to be your chosen log home manufacturer.  We understand log homes and the building process, have dozens of style choices and maintain design services in-house.  We offer the log package options to fit your dreams, your needs, your budget, your life.

Select Your Floor Plan: If you have a floor plan in mind, whether from professional plans or from a simple sketch you’ve doodled into a notebook, we will help you customize it with precision and integrity to meet your exact requirements and desires.

Prepare Your Final Plans: It’s exciting to watch your final plans take shape.  We will fine-tune your plan, draw up construction prints and provide a guaranteed cost for your log package.  You Strongwood advisor will provide the total cost for the building options you choose.

Begin Home Construction: This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, and there’s simply no better feeling than watching your dreams come to life right before your eyes as construction begins.  Rest assured that a Strongwood construction advisor is on-site at the start of every home to ensure perfection and success.  And we won’t be satisfied until you’re satisfied.

The possibilities are endless with your log home bedroom… TalkToOurLogHomeDesigners

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