We don’t skimp on the details. Virtually all logs and timbers that go into your Strongwood log home are properly kiln-dried at our Wisconsin headquarters.

This extra step is vital because it produces more uniform and stable logs, and it reduces and controls the moisture content.  By taking the extra time and care to kiln-dry, we lessen the likelihood of warping, twisting and shrinking that often happens with green wood and air-dried lumber.

Many log home manufacturers advertise kiln-dried logs. The truth is, only a small handful of us offer a log that is fully kiln-dried all the way to its core.


For example, while most competitors kiln dry a log for a week or two, we typically dry an 8-inch diameter log for 28-34 days at 170-180 degrees, and a 10-inch diameter log for 46-52 days at 170-180 degrees.  We also quality test the core of the logs to ensure moisture content between 15% and 19%.

The result? Energy-efficient log walls with airtight joints in a home that’s more cost-effective at the outset and over time.


The benefits don’t stop there. Kiln-drying sanitizes the timbers, making it unnecessary for any harsh chemical treatments. Strength of the logs is increased, and interior and exterior finishes can be applied immediately after construction. Such applications penetrate deeper and last longer in kiln-dried wood.

Only by investing this extra time and money are we able to dry the logs all the way to the core and achieve the following critical advantages:

• Virtually eliminate log shrinkage
• Achieve miniscule log wall settling (just a fraction of an inch)
• Substantially reduced construction costs and trim labor
• Minimize unwanted log checking or cracking
• Eradicate any existing mold or bug larvae