Log and timber walls are renowned for their energy-efficient characteristics. Simply put, there is nothing as warm and inviting as a well-constructed energy efficient log home or timber home.

While the science can seem confusing, an important concept to understand is that, like a stone fireplace, log and timber walls warm up when the house is heated and radiate that heat back into the building.  That way, the heat system doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the building warm. The same concept applies when a building is cooled in the summer, as the logs and timbers absorb the cool temperature and radiate it back into the building.


It is also important to note that with properly sized and sealed walls, such as Strongwood’s 4-Way Seal, the majority of heat loss will occur in the roof and at window and door openings, so proper specification and installation is a must in these areas to ensure a well-insulated structure.