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…we’re proud to say we invest a lot in being your first choice for a custom log home, timber home, or hybrid home builder.  As experts in custom home construction, we demand the highest quality materials.  That’s why we go to great lengths to craft, mill, meticulously inspect and custom build with nothing but the most desirable logs and timber.


In our quest to construct the finest custom log homes, timber homes, and hybrid homes, we start with a smart and beautiful selection of nature’s finest, most desirable building materials – namely Eastern White Pine.  Our stringent quality control means we reject much of the wood that many high-end companies are willing to accept.

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As custom builders, Strongwood makes sure every detail of your home construction meets your approval. To ensure a true custom home, build it with the materials you always dreamt of. Tell our designers what you want, and we’ll adapt our stock plans or create a new one.

We also offer commercial building construction to give your business or hotel the rustic charm of log or timber.


For a truly custom log, timber or hybrid home, contact us today.  Our designers will make your dream home come true, whether you’re here in Wisconsin, nationwide, or around the world.

Welcome to the Strongwood Family

Welcome to Strongwood, where we share your passion for fine log and timber homes.

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Though we’re based in Wisconsin, we have representatives nationwide and throughout the world.

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You are encouraged to take advantage of the resources we’ve assembled to provide you with a superior experience as you embark on your journey toward log home, timber home, or hybrid home ownership.

Strongwood President Thad Marcom and wife, Amy

Contact us to receive your personal copy of our updated plan book, DVD and price guide.

Speak to a dealer or in-house sales consultant to share your dreams and receive customized plans, pictures, and construction cost estimates.

Or better yet, attend one of our many home tours to inspect our style, quality and service first-hand.

Whatever the method, we look forward to getting to know you, earning your trust, and welcoming you to the Strongwood family.

Thad Marcom

At Strongwood Log Homes, our heritage drives everything we do.

Most log home manufacturers started as lumber mills and worked to find a way to get their product to market. They view their main business function as producing and delivering material, and when the delivery is made, their job is done and they move onto the next project.

Strongwood is different. We started in Wisconsin as a custom homebuilder and were led to log homes by the desires of our clients. We searched the industry high and low, and eventually acquired milling facilities to manufacture logs to our satisfaction.

Years later, though we’ve grown to national and international proportions, our service model is still driven by a custom homebuilder’s focus on delivering stellar service and fine turn-key homes. While we manufacture and deliver high-quality materials, we view the planning, budgeting and construction of your entire log home, timber home, or hybrid home as the very essence of our business.

Strongwood Log Home Model


A: In a word – service. Our heritage as custom builders has trained us to focus on providing quality from our initial conversations all the way through final construction and the exciting day when you move into your new log home, timber home, or hybrid home.


We know our experience and focus makes all the difference, and we hope to have the opportunity to show you completed homes and introduce you to clients who have become friends and provide great testimonials along the way.


We are also known in the industry for being one of a very small handful of companies that makes the investment to completely kiln-dry our logs. Starting with quality materials enables us to avoid the issues that many log companies face as their logs continue to dry after the home is built. Our insistence on dry, premium logs results in a higher quality log home that is warm, airtight, and stands the test of time.


A: Choose the style of home you like and research companies that provide that style of home. We strongly believe in tying together the three elements of design, manufacturing and construction to achieve a top-notch result.


Most quality manufacturers have design capabilities in-house. Ask for, and expect to receive, references on the manufacturer, and call them to ask about their experience. Get inside completed homes to ensure the manufacturer’s idea of quality matches yours.


Ask for, and expect to receive, tangible help with the construction of the home. And do the same due diligence on the builder. Check references and visit completed homes to ensure a good fit. It takes a bit of time, but a little research goes a long way to ensure an appropriate fit between your expectations and a manufacturer’s capabilities.